Who We Are

Dunamis Mentoring

A professional team dedicated to the growth and profitability of your company by offering professionals services on a contractual basis.


 Dunamis Offers

1) Dramatically lower overhead costs with no micromanaging responsibilities.

2) Execution of those responsibilities your current staff does not have the time to fully engage.

3) A tailored mentoring program to bring your current sales people to a higher level of performance.



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The StartUp

Mentoring vs Training

Sales training is a corporate objective initiated to enhance the knowledge of the sales staff with the desired result of increasing revenue.  While an excellent goal, too often the mandate results in a guest speaker that comes in and spends a limited time with your team sharing valuable concepts without understanding the dynamics of your particular situation.  While new techniques are constantly coming to the forefront, it is the view of the Dunamis group that unless you thoroughly verse each of your sales people on the basics of sales and bring them to their highest level of performance first, advanced training will fall on uncultivated soil, not able to understand how to implement the lessons that advanced training offers.


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Appointment, Lead Gen & Call Center

Your Own Dedicated LeadGen Program

At a fraction of the cost, Dunamis can provide you with an off site Lead Generation department specific to your own company and market segment.  The relationships that are developed are yours alone and are never supplied to any other company or online aggregator.

To develop an internal team requires between 5 and 50 employees, at least 1 IT/SEO expert, 1 – 4 verifiers and management dedication.  Allow us to set up your program for you.  You have several options to choose from; Landing Page Data, Hot Transfers, Appointment Scheduling or a combination of all three.

Dunamis has teamed up with a very strong LeadGen group that recently sold their company for $50,000,000.00.  Having similar values, such as a desire to provide higher quality and focusing on the long term B2B relationship, we are now offering a completely new marketing resource for your company.

We are in essence your own team, just located in a different office with 24/7 communication.


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